Casino roulette online

Online Roulette was brought in the middle of 90s when the internet started to develop. And since then, the reputation of online Roulette became more considerable. There is a great variety of different online casino internet sites which offer both American and European Roulette games in both multi player and single player forms for their players. So, anyone can play casino roulette at home. The rules of playing Roulette online are the same as for its land based counterpart.

American and European Roulette Wheel

There are two types of the Roulette wheel: American and European. European Roulette wheel has 38 red and black numbered slots and one "zero" ("0") slot. The American Roulette wheel has 38 numbers, "zero" ("0") slot and "double zero" (00") slot. The difference consists in the odds which are much higher at the European Roulette. That is why it can be rather difficult to find the land based casino which offers European type of the Roulette wheel.

Free Online Roulette

For players that don't have any experience of playing Roulette there are free Roulette games. Free Roulette game allows players to familiarize with the game, its different versions and finding Roulette strategy. Besides, it is very fun and exciting. All one has to do is download the casino and register.

Online Roulette game

The Roulette game itself consists of two elements: the table and the wheel. The main function of the game is tossing a little ball into the spinning wheel. The Roulette wheel has running around red and black numbers which represent odd or even number. So, the wheel spins, and the ball rattles, pops and finally the wheel stops and the ball lands on some certain number.

All players should try to guess on what particular number the Roulette ball will land and place their bets. This is the object of the game. There are different Roulette betting options that make the game itself more complicated.