History of the Roulette game

The history of Roulette dates back to the 18 century, France. Blasé Pascal was working at the perpetual motion machine invention and introduced the first Roulette. They say that the Roulette game is a combination of such English games like Roly-Poly, E.O and Reiner.

Since 1796 the way of playing Roulette game didn't change. The Jaques Lablee's novel "La Roulette" includes the descriptions of this game.

The introduction of the Roulette with two "zero" slots

In 1843, Louis and Francois Blanc introduced roulette with one "zero" for the purpose of competing with other casinos which offered the traditional "zero", "double zero" Roulette wheels.

American Eagle

As written in gambling books in 1886 some early forms of American Roulette wheel have 28 numbered slots, two "zero" slots and a slot with symbol of an American eagle (American liberty symbol) - the house slot which brought the extra edge for the casino. Later, this tradition disappeared and now the wheel has numbered slots only.

During the 1880s, Roulette game became very popular all over the USA and Europe. It became very popular.

Gambling prohibition

During the 1860s the German national administration prohibited gambling. The Blancas established a casino mecca in Monte Carlo for the European elite. Since that time the Roulette wheel with single zero became the main game. During the years it was exported all over the globe. The exception was USA where the Roulette with double zero was the dominant one.

Roulette legend

There is a theory which states that François Blanc made a deal with the Satan in order to get to know the mystery of the Roulette. One more reason that explains mythical origin of the Roulette is that all Roulette wheel numbers' total is 666 (Number of the Beast).

During the 20th century casino industry began to flourish. There were hundreds of casinos that offered Roulette games by 2008.

And now we can see that casino industry developed even more: hundreds of online Roulette sites with the great deal of different casino games are available now.