The Savannah Move

The infamous Savannah Roulette scam was executed by the very professional casino cheating team between years 1995 and 2000 and is widely regarded as the most prolific scam in the history of casino gambling. However, there might be contradictions, but one thing is for sure that Savannah was a pretty lady.

The scandal was named after a Nevada stripper known as Reno, the Savannah type of playing casino was like a weapon in the arsenal of the player for a period spanning six years and she just missed once in about thousand attempts. It was not the kind of move which the casinos could never find out, but the fact was that the casinos were fed up of paying the teammates lots of money despite knowing that the author were cheating on them.

How was it executed?

The Savannah was not simple old betting scam where the players placed bets on roulettes and purchased the chips, before being literally swept by the dealer who actually spins the ball in the wheel. The players deliberately lost the bet which contained the $ 5000 by placing the bets under $5. Upon being caught by the dealer, the players started to drink to such an extent that they never remembered whether the ball had actually dropped. As a result, the dealer could never figure it out that it was the $5000 and not the original $5.

Bets claimed joyously

As soon as the bet was won, the players began to claim the prize in eagerness. The players had to speak in order to convince the dealer as to what was the reason behind their cheering. This was done to remove any signs of suspicion which might creep in the brains of the dealer. The players would joyfully claim their $5000 winning bet. Then the dealer would inform his boss who would go on to verify on the claim of a suspicious bet.

Then the vigilance would replay the video in order to investigate any case of foul play. Whenever Savannah was informed in the training sessions, the people in the casino would not believe that a simple logic could work so effectively.

The move was so cleverly placed that neither of the Gaming Enforcement team or the Griffin Agents in the Vegas could unearth the scam and would end up paying the author unaware of what was going on. The author stood near the security and collected his bills while the security stood clueless. The experts in the field of Game Protection Groups have called the move as the best ever seen. However, the contradictions are bound to arise.