The Roulette Wheel

Two main types of roulette wheels are possible to meet in casinos today:

The American Roulette Wheel

The American Roulette wheel has 38 numbers and two zero pockets: "0" and "00". All slots are red and black and zero slots are green. Also all numbers divided into the odd and even numbers. Zero slots give the house of 6% advantage. It pays out for about 37 to 1.

The European Wheel

This type of the Roulette wheel has only one zero slot "0". This creates a large difference between European and American wheel. Presence of one zero on the wheel gives the modest advantage to the house of two percent. So, playing at the European Roulette table one has more chances of winning.

European tables have two special playing options which can increase the odds of winning:

So, that is the difference between these two types of the Roulette wheel. The only and the main disadvantage of playing at the European Wheel is that the majority of US based brick and mortal casinos prefer not have European Wheel table because of the odds and it may be rather difficult for Americans to find European roulette. In this case US Roulette players can try to play Roulette online. There is a great variety of online casinos on the internet which offer European Roulette table.