French roulette

The French style of playing roulette, or more popularly referred to as French Roulette, is one of the most in demand variations for this game, whether in a land-based or online casino. In this game, the roulette wheel will feature the numbers 0 to 36.

Just like any online roulette game, your goal is to place your bet on where you think the spinning ball will come to a stop. The bet is indicated with a number on the table. The ball is tossed in an opposite direction from where the wheel is spinning. If the ball stops on the number where you have placed the bet, then you win the prize pot!

Three Types of Bets

The betting strategy you use in a game of French Roulette will determine whether you walk away from a game with a little bit more money on your pocket, or if you become empty-handed. There are three types of bets you can play:

Playing Online French Roulette

The wagering options you have available when playing a game of French roulette isn't limited to the ones listed above, though. You have the option to wager on the larger wheel sections on a roulette table. Of course, depending on the betting strategy you use, it will also impact how much money you can make.

When playing French roulette in an online casino, you will often be given two playing options. First, you can take a feel for the game via the Demo Play Mode and this game is often available for free. Second, you can engage in a real French Roulette game online while gambling real money to try your luck and win more than you wagered.

Playing this game from your computer is literally very easy. You can even download software that is installed onto your computer and you can play by yourself. Or, if you want to experience the real excitement in a casino, then you can participate in live online roulette games with dealers aside.