Top Hatting

In a time of financial crisis, most people would like to know more about how they can earn extra money. This is why a lot of people try their luck on casino gambling because it is an easy way to make some money, if you are lucky or if you use the right strategy. However, you need to contend with the casino dealers who are also in it for money.

The opportunities used for increasing the amount of income one can make from casino gambling are not all legal, though. These are commonly referred to as top hatting and are something that gamblers need to know if they wanted to make more money playing at a casino.

More Information

The top hatting is a technique that is mastered very well by the casino dealer. However, you will need to work with a "partner" to ensure that you can execute it correctly and as smoothly as possible. This partnership will involve one dealer and one other person who will be responsible for placing the bet. When it is the dealer's turn, he must put in the extra chips for the winning number in case the ball lands to the pocket where the other partner has placed his chips on.

This will cause the amount of bet to automatically increase, which means will also automatically increase the amount of payout that one can make. For example, placing 25 pound chips into a pocket where the ball has landed will enable you to win a payout of 875 pounds.

Professional dealers have a difficult time executing this movement to ensure that they do not get caught by casino officials. After all, there are often security cameras placed in most modern casinos to monitor activities on the floor. But with the right skill and with enough amount of practice, you should be able to perform this trick without anyone noticing it.

A technique to perform this cheat in a precise manner is to not add too many chips. Or else, it will become too obvious and will cause suspicion amongst the casino floor manager and the officials. Also, using this technique too often that will result in a significant amount of consecutive wins will also make it far too obvious.

This particular technique was once used in a British casino wherein it took the casino officials a year before they were able to figure out that such a technique was being used. Those that were caught using this technique were later imprisoned.