Biased Wheel biased-wheel

Majority of the land-based casinos strive their best to ensure that all machines are designed to display random results, such that all players get an equal opportunity to win. However, a mechanical flaw is inevitable and is something that players must take advantage of in order to improve their chances of winning. One such example is a biased wheel.

About Biased Wheel

Casinos ensure that the manufacturing process of the roulette table is done as accurately as possible. After all, the entire game is focused on the roulette table such that it is very important that it performs well. But what makes a fair roulette table? It has to be any of the following characteristics - all pockets (the spot where the numbers are and players bet on) of the table must be balanced to give the ball equal opportunity to land on each number, it must be of the same size, and are made of the same materials.

Manufacturers of roulette table also utilize a specific type of wood that offer good bouncing platform for the ball, specifically it must not bounce off the wood. These characteristics are intended such that there would be no intended bias from the results of the wheel as it turns. However, there is a tendency for one of the pockets to become enlarged over time, especially for those where the ball has landed many times before.

Due to the increase in size for that particular pocket, future ball tosses are most likely to end up landing there. This is therefore a mechanical flaw in the device that gives unintended advantage to a player. If you know how to spot a biased wheel, then you could almost guarantee yourself a sure ticket to the jackpot prize.

How to Find Biased Wheel

According to gambling experts, a biased wheel is determined whenever 20 to 30 results come up in the same number of consecutive spins. The first consecutive results that are similar could be left up to chance. Also, you need to make sure that the ball is not deviated to produce such results.

You must therefore start off by watching and taking note of the results in each table. This is a time-consuming work but it will work out for you in the end, especially if you successfully find one. Just learn to be discreet in using your discovery to obtain winnings or else you'd invite suspicion.

Nowadays, it is a rarity to find such type of flaws in the casino industry since casinos invest huge amount of money for the maintenance of their equipment.