Russian Roulette

There is exactly no mentioned proof about Russian roulette being played by the Russian forces. There are certain rumors which state that the Russian soldiers in prison camps forced their prisoners to play this deadly game. As soon as a prisoner started spinning the cylinder of the revolver, the soldiers started betting on the probable verdict of the process. There are certain rumors which specify that the Russian soldiers used this game as a type of a depressant.

Historical Background

The Russian roulette was initially mentioned for the first time in a story written by an author known as George Surdez with the same title. Written in 1937, the story found its place in the January issue of the Collier's magazine.

A Russian sergeant narrated that during his stint with the army around 1917, when his platoon was stationed somewhere in Romania , the officers in charge became increasingly depressed because of what they thought of having lost everything from home to family, money and prestige. It was not unusual to see an officer pulling out his gun in the middle of a café and then spinning the cylinder with just a bullet in it. The chances of his survival were quite good unless a fateful day would result his skull being cracked by the bullet.

Roulette in Films

With respect to the American culture, the game found its place in the 1978 Hollywood film named "Deer Hunter". The film narrates the story of three friends who are recruited in the army to fight the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. The film featured Hollywood actors Robert de Niro, John Savage and Christopher Walken.

The film has an interesting sequence in which the Vietnamese soldiers play this game on the US prisoners of war. Niro and Walken finally break free but the latter is traumatized due to war and joins the underworld. He also meets his end while playing this game willingly. This film won the Best Motion Picture Award at the Oscars. The game has been rightly described the one which is filled with dangers and might be catastrophic.