Roulette Cheating

The most famous methods to cheat at roulette casino game are the following:

Past posting

That is the most popular Roulette cheating method. But this method is very risky; it is only for players with skillful hands and sharp eyes. So, how it works? After Roulette wheel has spun, the ball is about to land on a certain number. At this very moment the dealer is usually look down at the Roulette ball to see the winning number and this is the opportunity for the cheater to change the place of the bet. This type of cheating is the most common for games with one dealer. This method requires the cheater to be quick and sharp. But one should know that every casino dealer is aware of this type of the Roulette cheating.

Ball control

Another method of the Roulette cheating is ball control. They say that casino croupiers are able to influence the Roulette ball. The point is that years of experience of spinning develop so-called "muscle memory" or at least some system of spinning the Roulette wheel. It can be true, but it is impossible to prove it. If one that the croupier cheats during the game, it would be better to change the roulette77 table.


There is one more Roulette cheating method: using of concealed computers for examining the Roulette wheel's mechanical conditions and predicting the winning number in such a way. This method of the Roulette cheating is considered to be illegal in all casinos and that is why it is very difficult to use it. One group of physics developed a tiny computer and software which was able to calculate Roulette wheel's motions.

Legal prohibition

Nevada Governor passed a low which said that it was prohibited to use different devices in order to assist the game's outcome. The punishment is up to 10 years imprisonment or $10,000 fine.

So, as you can see, it is very risky to use any of these methods, and one should think carefully before using it.